Inspired by love

Dear Anastasia Team,
My name’s Liana, I am from Armenia. A few months ago I decided that I should look for the love of my life outside the borders of Armenia, I put my profile on Anastasia and got acquainted with a wonderful man whose name was Barry, then I did not know that that Barry […]

She believes in miracles now!

I want to share my happiness and thank you for all you’ve done.
This is my story…For the first time I came to the agency in April 2008. How hard it was to admit that I was 29 years old and I still did not have a beloved man. But I did not want to marry […]

Anastasia’s First Success Story Of The New Year…and what a story!

My name is Yana. I want to share my happiness with you. The matter is that I managed to find my true love with the help of AnastasiaDate. I never believed that internet could help find your second half. Now I have another opinion as for this question.
It was exactly the Internet that made a […]

Anastasia Concocts an Instant Family

Dear Anastasia,
Around March 2007 pictures of Svetlana caught my attention on Anastasia. To this day I don’t know what attracted me to her. But after a few weeks of looking at her pictures I decided to write her just to see if she would respond, which she did the very next day. This was the […]

Anastasia’s Odessa Queen 2009 Chosen from 30 Black Sea Beauties

Anastasia’s Odessa Queen 2009 was chosen this Saturday evening witnessed by a crowd of over 600 electrified guests at the 4 Star Palladium Hotel Complex in Odessa, Ukraine. The statuesque blond winner, Lyudmila, swept the contest which consisted of swimsuit, talent and interview competitions. The contest was judged by 5 Anastasia members chosen in a […]

Anastasia Tour Winner Hopes To Capture an Odessa Heart

Robert, a Los Angeles attorney and Anastasia member, is looking forward to the dating opportunity of a lifetime. The winner of Anastasia’s late summer Romance Tour to Odessa and Kherson will be transported, courtesy of Anastasia International, into the captivating and mysterious bosom of the Ukraine’s Black Sea coast.
The excursion sets the stage for […]

The True Language of Love

A little knowledge of a foreign language goes a long way. And Russian women adore attempts at speaking their native tongue… especially when it involves intimate declarations of love or whispered sweet nothings. From great Russian writers such as Pushkin and Tolstoy, the vernacular has a deep tradition of conveying sentiment and is a superb […]

A Walk in the Park for Anastasia’s Lovers

Dear Anastasia,
Hello! My name is Elena! And I am very grateful to Anastasia for helping me meet Morten.
I was surprised that I found such a good and kind man in this world as I was waiting for him for years. He’s the best man on earth and understood me from the beginning, which I think […]

Anastasia’s Romantic Couple Orders Chicken in Kiev

Dear Anastasia,
Let me tell you the wonderful story of my meeting with the most fabulous man whose name is Howard. We had been corresponding for some time on and our correspondence gave us the feeling that we were suited for each other. As a personal meeting was our common desire, we met each other […]

Anastasia Member Awarded Complimentary Odessa Romance Tour

Anastasia’s Odessa Queen 2009 beauty pageant will be even sweeter for one lucky member who has just won a trip to Anastasia’s September 2009 Romance Tour to Odessa, Ukraine. Robert of Los Angeles, Califonia will join dozens of other hopeful bachelors on the excursion which brings Anastasia’s tour members together with the most enticing and […]

Anastasia Goes Multi-lingual with New French and German Websites

Anastasia Date, in response to growing demand in French and German language territories for intoxicatingly wonderful Russian brides, has launched multi-lingual versions of her enormously successful English language site.
Effective today, Anastasia Date will be published online in French and German including the main pages of the site plus all search functions and services. On the […]

Anastasia Stages Beauty Pageant with a Twist

Your good friends at Anastasia are about to make her members an offer they will find difficult to refuse. As she organizes Anastasia’s Miss Odessa Queen 2009 beauty contest, hasn’t forgotten who brought her to the pinnacle of international romance success…her members. So, as part of Anastasia’s Miss Odessa Queen 2009 pageant which will […]

Dreams Come True at Anastasia

Dear Anastasia,
I want to tell you about how I found my true love, David. When people believe in true love it always happens that they meet their second half. It only takes a short time to reach this goal. So, we would like to share with you with our beautiful romantic story. Are you ready?
Imagine […]

Oksana and Robert — Love at First Sight

Dear Anastasia,
I want to tell you about the meeting of two loving hearts, mine and that of my love Robert. Although we did not know of each other’s existence before becoming acquainted on Anastasia, from our very first letter we felt we had much in common and we both desired to know one another closer […]

Anastasia Revitalizes Her Minions with Second Issue of Secrets

Anastasia Secrets has hit the web once again with the most salacious and sublime pictorials of breathtaking Russian and CIS women that will make every man who reads it book the next Aeroflot flight to Moscow.
Included in this edition are all kinds of everything sensually delightful …an influx of New Videos from Anastasia’s burgeoning collection […]

Anastasia Ups Video Count Once More… maintains the lead in the Video Dating arena by publishing an additional 500+ intimate and exciting new videos by her luscious ladies available to Anastasia’s Registered Members. As the Video Dating sphere began to accelerate, Anastasia had already reached critical mass in bringing video of her multitude of amazing Russian beauties to the world. […]

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