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I like it to feel the harmony inside and with the surrounding world. My main priority is family. Family values are very important to me. But I also believe in balance between family and personal realization. I am romantic, optimistic, honest and compromising. ]]> /dating-pretty-women-online/russian-girl-bride-olga.html/feed 0 Dating online Russian single woman Ekaterina /russian-women/dating-online-russian-single-woman-ekaterina-5.html /russian-women/dating-online-russian-single-woman-ekaterina-5.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 19:22:46 +0000 admin /russian-women/dating-online-russian-single-woman-ekaterina-5.html I am a young woman with a realistic mind, with a developed sense of perception the beauty, with tender and sensual soul, with high morals and kindness in my heart. 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My soul is sensitive and romantic, my mind is reasonable and realistic, my heart is filled with unrequited affection, broken dreams, but also with an ocean of passion and strong desire to find a real love. I am a non conflict person and think that an open and sincere communication can prevent us from misunderstandings and problems. I treat others as I would like to be treated in return. ]]> /ladies-from-russia/lone-russian-woman-valentina-2.html/feed 0 Sexy mail order bride Anna /russian-women/sexy-mail-order-bride-anna-2.html /russian-women/sexy-mail-order-bride-anna-2.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 04:59:06 +0000 admin /russian-women/sexy-mail-order-bride-anna-2.html I adore flowers, particularly white and pink roses, I like to wake up from the aroma of just cooked coffee:) I like to walk in the park, making noise with my feet because of yellow leaves. Optimism is my second name:) I believe that everything is possible if you really want this! Just keep going and never stop! My cherished dream is to travel all over the world and get to know more about other cultures and nationalities. I can not imagine the fulfilling of all of my dreams without my true love. Only his presence beside me will make my life filled with sense and meaning. So I am in the constant search for my only and beloved man… ]]> /russian-women/sexy-mail-order-bride-anna-2.html/feed 0 New single woman Olga /russian-women/new-single-woman-olga-5.html /russian-women/new-single-woman-olga-5.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:14:47 +0000 admin /russian-women/new-single-woman-olga-5.html What i can say about myself. First of all i want to say that i am Sociable, purposeful, cheerful. I love music, dances, drawing. I like this life and everything around me:)I like sea, sun and beatch!I dream about a big love!I want to love and be loved! ]]> /russian-women/new-single-woman-olga-5.html/feed 0 Beautiful Russian woman Veronica /sexy-single-ladies/beautiful-russian-woman-veronica.html /sexy-single-ladies/beautiful-russian-woman-veronica.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:14:31 +0000 admin /sexy-single-ladies/beautiful-russian-woman-veronica.html I am a sanguine person. I am very optimistic about everything in life! I think that everything what was done, – was done for the best! I am emotional. I love my friends. I like to visit my parents. Many people think that I am kind. I work on my character, I learn my psychology. I am an owl by my nature. I can stay awaken during the whole night, because it is easy for me to think at night. And in the same time I can wake up early and to have an active day. Sometimes I have mood, which I call “home mood”, – when I want to be in dressing gown and house slippers during the whole day, when I don’t want to leave home and follow time! But during usual days I always do something: work, clean my apartment, meet friends etc. ]]> /sexy-single-ladies/beautiful-russian-woman-veronica.html/feed 0 Single foreign woman Maria /sexy-ukrainian-women-for-dating/single-foreign-woman-maria-3.html /sexy-ukrainian-women-for-dating/single-foreign-woman-maria-3.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:14:17 +0000 admin /sexy-ukrainian-women-for-dating/single-foreign-woman-maria-3.html Look at me you can see it in my eyes that I am merry, kind and devoted. I have some weak points I like to get flowers from my man and to give kisses in return and all my love. ]]> /sexy-ukrainian-women-for-dating/single-foreign-woman-maria-3.html/feed 0 Lone Russian woman Oksana /single-women-dating/lone-russian-woman-oksana-2.html /single-women-dating/lone-russian-woman-oksana-2.html#comments Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:14:03 +0000 admin /single-women-dating/lone-russian-woman-oksana-2.html I like walking tours, I adore children and their questions about this world :) I love my family and friends. I am glad when the weather is good and the sun is shining at the sky! I like to get a suntan therefore I adore summer sunny days. With a great pleasure I like visiting different kinds of museums, exhibitions, picture galleries, watching good movies and communicating with interesting and intelligent people! ]]> /single-women-dating/lone-russian-woman-oksana-2.html/feed 0