Pretty beach girl Elina

  • Age: 23
  • Never married lady with blue eyes and brown hair.
Pretty beach girl Elina
  • ID: 1621974
  • Age: 23
  • Birth Date: 12/21/1988 (Sagittarius)
  • Height: 5’5″ (166 cm)
  • Weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Occupation: Designer
  • Education: University degree
  • Religion: Russian Orthodox
  • Marital Status: Never married
  • Children: No
  • Drinking: Socially
  • Smoking: No
  • English Speaking Skills: Intermediate
  • Other languages: German
  • Residence: Odessa, Ukraine


I have a musical education, I play piano and guitar. During a long period of time I was going in for track and field athletics and soccer. On this moment, as usually, I am doing many different things and I like it that I find time for everything. For example, I am a teacher in painting for children. I like to travel. I am sewing for myself and I have orders for other people as well. My mother taught me sewing and I have these skills from her. I am grateful about that, as about many other things, to her. I illustrate books; the name of my profession is a designer-illustrator and graphic artist. I am purposeful, sincere, open and peculiar. I like to cook and to eat while I am a guest. 🙂


I am fond of photography: I take pictures of nature and children. I have a cat and a sister. 🙂 I love my education – I am an art historian. Right now I am studying at the postgraduate course. I paint pictures. I will be a teacher at the University very soon, and now I have a preparation period. Also I like gardening. We have a summer-cottage and I grow flowers there. Well, I could write my hobbies in the description of myself, because me – it is what I do. I enjoy all what I do. 🙂

Her Type of Man

I appreciate a man with manly features of a character: without slyness, gossips. I would like a strong man and an interesting interlocutor. A man, who has a goal.(preferable age: from 35 to 57).

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  • Also, the frequent thought that Odessa ladies are ‘easy’ and easier dating goals is actually a thing in the past. They are significant women that have mastered the ability of getting loved ones oriented females whilst perfecting their professions and add to that the charm, beauty and sensuous appeal they possess which tends to make them a real hit with all types of guys. But additionally, a lot of of these free Slavic females are creating the American dream an actuality and they really feel that for this to happen, they’re going to require an American companion instead of from their birthplace. So men right here also have an edge more than the other people.

My favorite music is Classical music, I like also Madonna, Sting, Shakira, Kristina Agillera. Actually I like different music, like pop-music and rock… I just do not like a hard-rock and chanson.
My favorite movies are I like old comedies, my favorite is “Some Like It Hot”. I can watch it eternally. When I have a good mood I like horrors. Also I like detective films and from serials I like “House, M.D.”
My favorite sport to watch is Ballet, figure skating, football. It is possible to talk with me about all football players.
My favorite sport to play is Chess – is favorite. Also I like beach volleyball, football. I like jogging in the morning at the beach. In the morning I have two possibilities: I go to lectures, or I go to the sea-side. When I go to the sea-side, I am stealing dogs from my neighbors, so I have a company. 🙂
My favorite flower is Eustoma, peony and orchid.
In my spare time, I like I spend it with my friends. Also I like to sew, it relaxes me. And sometimes I am working on my dissertation.
In childhood, I dreamed of becoming My dream was to become a contract murderer… 🙂 I watched the film “Leon Killer”, after that I had such a wish. Also I wanted to become an archeologist. It was at my school time. At that time my goal was to find a Noah’s Ark.) So, I was studying 2 languages for this to learn the language of Israel…. And after lessons I was in a hurry to go back home to study the culture of Israel… This is how serious my goal was. ))
10 years from now, I would like I would like to have a family. I would like to work with students, to teach at the University. Also I want to work at a theater, or for movies, as a costumier.
My first memory is When I was 7 years old I was on my way to visit my grandmother with my parents. We were at the train and my father asked me: “Would you like a sister, or a brother?” And I said: “I want a dog.” 😉
Of all the places I would like to visit, I would most like to visit Barcelona.
My friends call me Elie, Elya.
My first kiss was when I was 14.
My favorite season is Summer and winter. I like snow, or sun. Nothing in the middle.
My favorite food to eat is I like pizza, meat dumplings, French pancakes. I love sweet things so much!!! Sometimes I even dream at night about it. Cakes say: “EAT ME!!!!!”
My favorite food to make is I like to cook lots of things from meat, backing from meat, pies, rolls.
Three things that I would take with me to a deserted island 1. Camera. First of all, I will have at least one thing to do there. Also, if I would be found, people will be curious to see what pictures I have done.2. Hammock. It is uncomfortable to sleep in sand, it is unhygienic, and I don’t want to find a crab in my head. 3. I would take sprouts of strawberries and I would grow it there. It is very good for health during the whole year. I would make cocktails and masks for my face. Also, if someone will find me, I will export this strawberry.
If I could choose an era to live in, I would like to live Ancient Greece, the time of Alexander. It is the period of Hellenistic civilization. Ellina goes from the word “Hellenistic”.
I dislike Lies, stupid people, flattery.
My worst characteristic is that Sometimes I am too straightforward.
If there is anything I would do over again in my life, First infatuation. It is possible to strike everything out, but not this.
The most important thing that makes a house a home Coziness. “My house – is my castle.”
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