Russian girl to marry: Eugenia

  • Age: 21
  • Never married lady with gray eyes and black hair.
Russian girl to marry: Eugenia
  • ID: 1119750
  • Age: 21
  • Birth Date: 06/21/1990 (Gemini)
  • Height: 5’7″ (172 cm)
  • Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Occupation: Manager
  • Education: College degree
  • Religion: Russian Orthodox
  • Marital Status: Never married
  • Children: No
  • Drinking: Occasionally
  • Smoking: No
  • English Speaking Skills: Intermediate
  • Other languages: No
  • Residence: Odessa, Ukraine


I consider myself to be rather creative and artistic person and such people attract me as well. I have a lot of talents and the best one is my imagination! I am a very enthusiastic person, full of energy and emotions! I adore communication and usually I am the life of the party so you will never get bored with me! I have a good sense of humor and I can always keep up a conversation. In addition I am a very intelligent and rather confident girl.


What can be more beautiful than movements of female body? I love dancing and I do it pretty well. I keep fit by jogging every morning. I also like to tan on the beach. I am good at drawing and writing and I write some poems. I have a lot of thoughts and in such a way I express them as I want other people to know it. I love singing and listening to music.

Her Type of Man

I want my partner to be rather intelligent to make me feel like a lady near him. He should be a real gentleman and take care about me as I am a very tender girl who needs kindness and attention. I want to meet a strong but tender man who will be the real man, the master in the house and the leader in relations.(preferable age: from 25 to 50).

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My favorite music is Everything depends on my mood and on situation. Most of all I prefer minimal and club music. I can listen to rock music and if it fits to my mood pop music can also take place!
My favorite movies are I love watching drama and melodrama, different comedies, action movies about dancing. I am not a big fan of scary movies.There are two films I can watch again and again. “Step up” – one of the most popular film about dancing and “A walk to remember” – wonderful film about love.
My favorite sport to watch is I love to watch boxing though I find it rather cruel. Another favorite sport is football and I think it is amusing to notice different combinations
My favorite sport to play is I take a real delight in dancing! I love to express myself in such a way. I play with my mind and imagination in order to create new motions.
My favorite flower is As most of girls I adore roses for their beauty and aroma. It is so wonderful to get them as a present.
In my spare time, I like In my free time I hang out with my friends forgetting about all the problems and cares. I love walking along the beach and lying in the sun.When my muse visits me I also draw or write poems.
In childhood, I dreamed of becoming I dreamt to become a famous actress to play in the theatre or in the cinema. As I am rather imaginative I even pretended like I was already playing a new role. That’s why I used to reciting poems when I was small.
10 years from now, I would like In ten years I would like to enjoy my life and not to regret about anything. I want to realize that I’ve done everything in the right way.
My first memory is The brightest scene from childhood probably is about one boy whom I liked a lot. It was in the kindergarten when he presented me a flower and kissed). I was so happy!))
Of all the places I would like to visit, I would most like to visit I would like to visit Egypt to see people living there and of course to see pyramids.
My friends call me Jenechka
My first kiss was when I was 12 y.o.
My favorite season is The most positive season is definitely summer, so bright and sunny! There is so much fun you can have in summer!
My favorite food to eat is Sushi is my favorite meal. Its taste you can’t compare with anything else and I would like to know how to cook it at home!
Three things that I would take with me to a deserted island I will never survive without food and water and my beloved man!)
If I could choose an era to live in, I would like to live It doesn’t matter where to live, the main thing is whom you live with. Spain attracts me most of all and I have such feelings that I could be happy there.It doesn’t matter where to live, the main thing is whom you live with. Spain attracts me most of all and I have such feelings that I could be happy there.
I dislike I don’t like unnatural and unenthusiastic people. I can’t stand criticism and demonstration of power. And it is hard for me to be alone.
If there is anything I would do over again in my life, I would like to repeat a graduation party after school. It was so fantastic and I remembered a lot of nice moments!
The most important thing that makes a house a home There are a lot of such things but good and comfortable furniture is probably the most important one.
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