Oksana Fedorova — enigmatic Russian soul

Russian PhotoModel Oksana Fedorova from Saint-PetersburgOksana Fedorova is not only a beautiful but also a smart woman — such an infrequent combination of qualities! Beautiful Russian women are not rare. But militiawomen winning beauty contests… She is a photo model, an actress, a singer, a television anchorwoman, an officer and a teacher! There are practically no limits for Oksana’s activity!

So who is Fedorova? What such a strange combination of professions and activities is about? What is principal and fundamental here?

Militia career of the show-business star

militiawoman modelOksana was born in 1977 in Pskov. She studied well and with pleasure at school. There is no big mystery about her militia career. Oksana’s great grandfather after the Great Patriotic war was transferred to Pskov militia for reinforcement. Oksana’s grandfather was a military man. It is thanks to her grandfather that since childhood Oksana was fond of the uniform, the military bearing and learnt the meaning of the word «duty».

Sexy photos of Oksana FedorovaAfter the Militia Law lyc?e and after thinking everything over, Oksana Fedorova entered the Militia School, finished it with a gold medal and was assigned to the position of an investigator of one of Pskov district departments. In a few months 19 year old Oksana left for Saint-Petersburg and entered the Ministry of the Interior University. Having graduated from it in year 2000, senior militia lieutenant Fedorova served for some time as an investigator in Pulkovo airport. As later Oksana admitted working as an investigator wasn’t exactly what she was dreaming of, that’s why soon the young officer successfully passed the comprehensive examinations for the Candidate’s degree and could participate in advanced students’ work at the university.

At that time Oksana Fedorova photos could already be seen on covers of many Russian magazines. Not long before graduation she became the winner of the beauty-contest «Miss Saint-Petersburg» and since then there appeared rumors and legends about the beauty and the charm of the militia lieutenant.

photomodel photoAfter the advanced students’ work she got the next military rank of militia captain and was assigned as a lecturer of civil law and soon became the associate professor of a university department.

Later combining the just started show-business career with the teaching work Oksana Fedorova rose to the rank of the major and became candidate of juridical science and continued her teaching work.

The birth of a new Russian star

miss-world-russianBeautiful Russian women are not necessarily actresses, the fact confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior University teacher! Victory in the beauty-contest in Saint-Petersburg aroused interest in the new star on the model firmament, and since then the militia officer with the appearance of a goddess was never left alone. In a year, in 2001, Oksana won the All-Russian beauty-contest. Photos of Oksana Fedorova, the new «Miss Russia», appeared already not only in Russian but also in foreign media.

In 2002 the girl was invited to take part in «Miss Universe» contest. As an ordinary Russian officer she couldn’t boast of having a lot of money, that’s why her leave for Puerto-Rico, where the contest took place, corresponded to her status and salary: Oksana borrowed a plain and simple dress in a wedding agency and left to conquer the world! Though the dress had to be changed as the jury didn’t approve of its simplicity.

supermodelThe first shock of the jury and the public was because it was the first time for more than half a century history of the contest that a Russian girl gained the victory! Besides the shock was intensified by the impressive background of the new “Miss Universe”: the fact that she was the militia officer added special charm and zest to the situation! Sexy photos of Russian models appeared in the world press long time before but such photos of a militia officer! So the next shocking moment was Oksana’s denial to fulfill all the requirements of the winner – a tour and interviews in different towns and countries for a term of several months. Nobody notified the girl, working at that time on her dissertation, about this in advance. The Russian photo model, who had surprised everyone by her denial, in 4 months after the victory was deprived of this title. The officer stood this struck firmly. She returned to Saint-Petersburg, finished and defended her dissertation.

Fame and success already then accompanied Oksana all the time. She was going out more and more often, made her d?but in cinema (the movie «Sophie» and the series «Not born a beauty») and in literature (the book «Formula of style»), became a television anchorwoman (of the programs «Saturday», «Saturday night» and «Good night, kiddies!»

And the rumors appeared

Oksana Fedorova BaskovIn the beginning of 2009 the lady well-known in show-business started to appear in public with Nikolay Baskov more and more often. A lot of different rumors immediately appeared in the media. Both stars at that moment were legally married. A German businessman Philip Toft whom Oksana Fedorova married in 2007 was living in Germany while she was in Russia, besides she was having tours all around the world. Fedorova sang together with Baskov, more and more often appeared with him on different events. Soon the star couple stopped concealing the relationships and during the interview Oksana and Baskov talked frankly. The talk also turned to the fact that she was divorcing and he was hiring the best lawyers to speed up this process, and to the fact that the couple was going to adopt a child.

This romance was constantly written about in popular magazines during the whole last year. Some think it’s no more than just a PR move, others sincerely believe the truthfulness of the love story. Just the other day a lot of web-sites published some new sensational information. One of them says that on St.Valentine’s Day Nikolay was on a tour abroad and Oksana spent this day with her husband who is still not an ex-husband. Others cite the words of Fedorova herself who explains that as she is still not officially divorced she tries to appear with Nikolay in public as little as possible in order not to arouse rumors. Still others quote Baskov who said during the interview that he is not offended by Oksana and forgave her everything – both present and future…

Whether or no, this star couple has the future. And the fact that they stay in the top of news, that their life is interesting to people is the best confirmation for this.

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