Beautiful reality of woman single life and western man life

HE (man from «west»)

Lonely man looking for loveToday I have had a usual working day, as hundreds or, perhaps, even thousands of others which happen daily in my life.

In the morning I haven’t heard the alarm clock as always (maybe I should wind up several alarm-clocks?), then I tried to find a clean shirt (what a strange habit to hang it up in a wardrobe every time?), morning coffee has cooled down as usual. But today for the first time it has made me glad. And do you know why?

I was reading morning news in the Internet when I suddenly came across an announcement stating, «International dating agency: meet beautiful women!». Usually I do not pay attention to this sort of advertising, but I couldn’t resist the girl looking at me so impatiently from the monitor screen. I clicked the link and even dared to look through several profiles, understanding that anyway I would be late for job today.

Photos of single women. dating siteTo tell the truth one girl has really caught my fancy. Free Russian ladies — beautiful, natural, strong…

Probably, it will seem strange to you that a successful middle-aged man referred to the site of the international dating agency and what’s more became interested in a Russian woman? A beautiful Ukrainian girl it’s better to say, because somehow I have mechanically chosen the section named «Odessa women», and Odessa, if my memory is not at fault, is in Ukraine. But still…

Single man looking for russian woman on dating siteAll the day long I was not like working, the photos of a sexy Ukrainian women for dating was on my mind. In the evening I even refused to drink beer with friends (my world, I have never expected it of myself!).

In the evening I hurried up home. Having taken my shoes off on a threshold, I switched on my notebook at once: here she was — a free Russian woman, lovely, charming, ingenuous and just awfully beautiful.

I have written to her… I wanted to write something romantic and beautiful, but all thoughts have mixed up in my head. As a result I wrote something about the international dating agency, about an appeal «Get acquainted with beautiful women!»… thanks God, I haven’t forgotten to tell several compliments.

I sent the letter and began to wait… My impatience and desire to receive the answer were so strong, that practically all that time I sat at the table staring at the monitor. Trying to kill the time I looked through photos of sexual Ukrainian women who wanted to get acquainted, other Odessa women, but all my thoughts were about Her.

My beloved one answered me the same evening. This is how my new beautiful reality began.

SHE (lonely Russian woman)

Pretty lonely woman from Ukraine looking manI love life very much. Been born in Odessa, the city of talent, humour and laughter, I learnt to look at everything with a bit of irony. I like life because it has never really mocked at me. But nevertheless, I have gained my love, have gained the right to be happy.

My friend told me about the international dating agency. «Many free Russian women find happiness abroad, and you will find! Sexy single Ukrainian women are very popular in Western countries. After all they are the best wives in the world: well-brought up, mild, gentle, tender and also beautiful!» — My friend spoke without stopping. I listened to her, recollecting an appeal «Get a date with beautiful women!» which I had seen in one newspaper that day.

And what if my friend is right?! Free Russian ladies — it is about me exactly. Sexy Ukrainian women for acquaintance — do I look bad? Unmarried (and married too, frankly speaking) colleagues are constantly showering me with meaningful hints to spend an evening in an intimate atmosphere. So it turned out I was on a direct road to the international dating agency.

I can’t tell that I set big hopes on that chance to find my destiny in a far and unfamiliar country, but I’m a woman first of all, therefore believed till the very end that it would be a success. Odessa women are strong, Odessa women do not give up so easily!

Maybe you will not believe, but since the time I had registered my profile with the international dating agency my life changed dramatically. I was snowed under with letters every day. At first I read them all with enthusiasm, then was a little tired, and then it became simply a habit.

Each candidate for my hand and heart (though it was rather far from that) had something interesting and peculiar in himself. But nobody offered me anything special, nobody tried to win my heart. I even wanted to write to each of them, «Get acquainted with beautiful women and conquer them!».

Russian blond woman for datingBut we, Odessa women, are strong because we never fall in despair. I believed that sexual Ukrainian women for acquaintance which are able to do everything for the sake of love, can be happy there, far from their native land and far from relatives, but near to a beloved man. Because there are no borders for love. I have always thought and I still think now that we, free Russian women, deserve to be happy.

And finally once I received a letter from Him. I really don’t know what had impressed me in it. Probably, those were emotions, chaotic set of phrases about my attractiveness. And here it was — an offer to meet just in the first letter! For some reason my chosen one was sure that it would be interesting for us to spend time together!

Not to change my mind, I replied him at once. Here how the international dating agency initiated my new beautiful reality.

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